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Misaligned teeth can cause a wide array of dental problems and in turn, have an adverse effect on your overall physical health. Therefore, undergoing orthodontic treatment to get your teeth straightened is not just having a beautiful smile.

Some of the most common orthodontic issues are:

Burton Family Dental offers top-quality orthodontic treatment in Burton, MI at an affordable price range. We have a team of dentists and trained staff members who put in their optimum effort to meet the requirements of the patients. Special emphasis is given to listening to what the patients have to ask or speak regarding the treatment process. Dr. Chintan Shah believes in lack of knowledge being the primary reason behind confusion and fear. Therefore, imparting knowledge regarding orthodontic treatment and providing an answer to all the questions of our patients before starting the process is our motto.

Types of Braces

Wearing braces is still considered to be the best solution for teeth straightening. Some of the common types of braces that can be bought are:

Traditional metal braces – As you might have figure out from the name, these braces are made of metal and are fixed to the front surface of the teeth. A wire is used to thread around each metal bracket to keep them fixed at a position. This wire is tightened at various phases of the treatment. Traditional metal braces are the most inexpensive way of getting your teeth straightened.


Invisalign or Clear braces – These are clear and transparent braces that are used to correct your teeth. These braces are a bit expensive if compared with traditional metal braces. But, they offer several advantages over the other option which includes – fewer chances of getting hurt, less time-consuming, looks better, more comfortable to wear, etc.

Do not compromise with the way your smile looks. Visit Burton Family Dental to undergo top-quality orthodontic treatment in Burton, MI.

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