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Dental technology is ever-changing and constantly evolving. We do our best to stay relevant to the needs of our patients using advanced technology that helps us better diagnose and treat oral conditions and diseases.

Our goal is to meet your needs from the time you call to make your first appointment through your entire dental treatment plan. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have about our scheduling options, treatments, financial planning and specialty care. We want you to feel like part of our family and enjoy a higher level of dental excellence than you have ever experienced before.

Dental Team
I would highly recommend Burton Family Dental to anyone looking for a great dental experience. From the moment you walk in you are treated as though you are the most important client that day. From the receptionists to the Hygienist to Dr Shah I could not have had a better experience. Dr Shah is caring and kind.

- Teresa Burtrum


Smile More! Our custom planned individual care is the standard you have been looking for.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are now the choice method for replacing missing teeth for those who are good candidates for the process. A dental implant can replace a missing tooth and give the appearance, feel and function of a normal tooth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Replacing missing teeth is only one aspect of enhancing your appearance. Cosmetic dentistry is another. Plus, we offer SAME DAY CROWNS. Lastly, teeth whitening is one of the most requested cosmetic dental services we receive at our Burton Dental Office.

Emergency Dentistry

Emergency dentistry is a service provided by Burton Family Dental to ensure that patients who need emergency dental care can access it without waiting weeks to be seen. Hospitals are not usually properly equipped to handle dental emergencies.


Orthodontic dentistry provides various options for correcting misaligned teeth. With the Invisalign system, clear aligners are worn approximately 22 hours every day to gently move teeth into the desired position.

Dr. Chintan Shah

Experienced General Dentist with a demonstrated history of working in private practice offices. Strong professional skills with Endodontics, Oral surgery, General and Cosmetic dentistry, Implant surgery and Patient education.

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Meet the team that wants to make you Smile More!
Stacy Sullivan

Stacy Sullivan


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Jessica Streichert


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Marcia Gorman

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Shelley Hagle

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Dental Experience

A Unique Dental Experience

We are committed to providing a more relaxing and caring environment for dental patients. At Burton Family Dental, we know that dental procedures can be performed without the anxiety and stress that many dental patients expect to endure. We strive to make sure our patients have an enjoyable experience as we help them achieve their best oral health.

You will find the amenities at Burton Family Dental to be in line with providing a more comforting, agreeable experience. We also stay current on cutting edge technology and techniques so we can give our patients the best dental care the field can provide.

Dental Experience

Restore Missing/Chipped Teeth With Natural-Looking SAME-DAY Dental Crowns.

CEREC Crowns are the ultimate choice to restore a decayed, weakened, or broken tooth structure to its original strength and shape. CEREC uses advanced technology to prepare the tooth, scan it digitally, and create the new crown at our office with top-quality materials. Thanks to CAD/CAM technology, the crowns are designed in front of your eyes.

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Smiling is all that matters. It makes you happy and feel confident. Our comprehensive list of dental services and individual care is the standard you have been looking for.

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