dental sealants burton

Dental Sealants bURTON, MI

Helps You Avoid Cavities

Long-lasting Protection

Especially Great for Children

Fast, Painless, Easy Application

Who Can Get Dental Sealants?

  • School-age children
  • Adults who are cavity-prone
  • Anyone who wants an added layer of protection against decay!

What To Expect From A Dental Sealant Treatment At Our Office

A sealant can be thought of as a small plastic filling. However, numbing is typically not required since tooth enamel lacks nerves.

  • We’ll start by examining the tooth or teeth to be sealed. If decay is found, we’ll remove it.
  • Next, we’ll apply a solution that helps the sealing material better adhere to your tooth surface
  • Time for the sealant! We’ll paint it on the tooth and use a special curing light as needed. That’s it!

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