Do I Need Dental Implants?

Dental implants are frequently considered the optimal solution for tooth loss due to their numerous benefits.

Ensure a Genuine Appearance - Sitting in the dentist's chair for an extended period can be challenging for some individuals, especially children who may struggle to remain still and tend to fidget. This could be better during intricate procedures. Consequently, numerous patients choose sedation to enhance their comfort throughout the treatment.

To ensure comfort during a lengthy procedure - Sitting in the dentist's chair for an extended period can prove challenging for certain individuals, especially children who may find it difficult to remain still and tend to fidget. This can be less than ideal during intricate procedures. Consequently, numerous patients choose sedation as a means to enhance their comfort throughout the treatment.

Taking care of these is easy - Dental implants offer a permanent solution, eliminating the need for dentures or removable bridges that may slip. Maintaining dental implants is as easy as caring for natural teeth, requiring simple brushing and flossing.

Maintain a Healthy Mouth - Ill-fitting dental appliances can lead to bone loss, gum irritation, and a higher likelihood of periodontal disease and tooth decay. Dental implants seamlessly blend with your natural smile, safeguarding your jaw and gums.

This can be life-changing - Our dental implants are designed to provide a lifetime of durability! No other tooth replacement option can offer this level of longevity.

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What is the functioning process of dental implants?

Which type of dental implant is suitable for me?

At Burton Family Dental, our expertise lies in recommending the most appropriate dental implant to alleviate tooth loss. Book a consultation with Burton Family Dental to discover the perfect dental implant for enhancing your smile.
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Single Dental Implant

A dental implant can help you regain your smile and confidence if you have lost a tooth. Replacing your tooth with a titanium implant and a realistic crown enables you to smile, speak, and eat without any difficulties. The implant serves as a natural and functional substitute for your missing tooth.
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Implant Retained Dentures

In Burton, MI, our patients experience improved daily activities like chewing and speaking with implant-retained dentures, also known as "overdentures." These removable dentures are stabilized by dental implants, relieving discomfort and inconvenience.
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All-on-4® Dental Implants

If you opt for All-on-4 dental implants, your teeth will be firmly attached to a prosthesis, enabling immediate use. These implants are permanent and cannot be taken out. You can have brand new teeth in just one day if deemed suitable! Our team of Burton dentists and restorative dentistry experts will take care of most of the required preparations before your implant surgery.
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Hybrid Implant Dentures

Hybrid implant dentures offer an advanced solution for replacing multiple teeth. By securely attaching dentures to dental implants, they provide a long-lasting remedy for individuals who suffer from discomfort caused by denture movement.

What steps should I take to prepare for my dental implant treatment?

Bone Graft

Socket Preservation

Gum Graft

What is the cost of dental implants?

If you need bone grafting, the overall expenses for your implants will increase due to factors such as the quality, quantity, and placement of the bone.

The type of dental implant and the number of teeth that need to be replaced.

Certain dental insurance plans may only provide coverage for specific aspects of implant treatment, while others may require a waiting period before becoming eligible for coverage.

Restoration of Dental Implants

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