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What do Snap-In Implant Dentures entail?

Indulge in your favorite foods even more : By getting dental implants to secure your denture, you can enjoy chewing with increased strength and confidence.

Permanent : Does not need to be taken out of the mouth like a denture.

Enjoy a carefree smile and laughter without any concerns about your dentures coming loose

Experience greater comfort : Reduced movement and irritation with dentures

Improve your nutrition : Enhance your digestion by chewing food thoroughly

Requires minimal bone : Ideal for individuals with insufficient bone for implants.

Prevent bone loss : Dental implants stimulate the jaw to promote ongoing bone production, even after natural teeth have been removed, preventing further bone loss.

Reduce gagging sensation : In certain situations, it is possible to remove a part of the palate, which will reveal the roof of the mouth. This procedure helps to minimize or eliminate the discomfort of gagging that can be caused by wearing dentures.

Enhanced comfort : Dental implants are effective in reducing or eliminating the discomfort caused by denture movement.

Enhance your food tasting experience : For certain patients with implants, it is possible to remove a portion of the upper denture's palate. This enables you to enjoy a heightened sense of taste when consuming your meals.

Snap-In Implant Dentures vs. Traditional Dentures

Reduced chewing ability : The lower denture's movement causes a significant decrease in chewing power, typically only allowing for 10-20% of the strength experienced with natural teeth. The constant pushing and pulling of the tongue and cheeks on the lower denture keeps it unstable.

Speech : Speaking may pose challenges due to the mobility of the lower denture.

Embarrassment : It is caused by the fear of dentures becoming loose and falling out, which leads to the inability to eat around others, laugh loudly, and converse confidently.

Feeling uneasy : Traditional dentures, particularly lower ones, have a tendency to shift, which can lead to gum irritation and discomfort due to rubbing and chafing.

Inadequate nutrition : Patients may struggle to consume a well-rounded diet and properly digest food due to the loss of chewing power.

Bone loss : When a person has their teeth extracted, they usually experience significant bone loss, which continues throughout their lifetime. Consequently, wearing traditional dentures becomes increasingly challenging as time goes on.

Gagging: The traditional upper denture is designed to cover the roof of the mouth for suction and stability. However, some individuals experience gagging due to this coverage. Trimming the denture to alleviate gagging can result in reduced stability and loss of natural suction.


Can I be considered for eligibility?

How many implants will be required for me?

Upper : An upper implant denture necessitates a minimum of 4 implants.

Lower : A lower implant denture typically needs a minimum of 2 implants, but having 3 or 4 implants usually results in better retention and stability.


Starting as low as: $350/mo

Single Arch

Upper or Lower
Upgrade to a zirconia final bridge is available at an optional cost of $7,000 per arch.


Starting as low as: $700/mo

Single Arch

Full Mouth
Upgrade to a zirconia final bridge is available at an optional cost of $7,000 per arch.

Snap-In Implant Dentures vs. Traditional Dentures


Cost of Snap-In Implant Dentures

Our pricing in the area is unbeatable, resulting in exceptional outcomes. This is achievable due to our highly skilled dentist who oversees the entire procedure, working alongside our expert in-house dental lab technician. Together, they have successfully completed this procedure numerous times.


Starting as low as: $135/mo

2 Implant

We will replace your lower teeth with a stable denture held in place by two dental implants. The cost covers implants, abutments, snaps, and the denture, but extraction is not included.


Starting as low as: $160/mo

4 Implant

Upper OR Lower
Replace your top or bottom teeth with a secure denture held in place by dental implants. Package includes 4 dental implants, abutments, snaps, and denture. Extraction cost not included.

Financing and Payment Options are currently available

Investing in dental implants can greatly enhance your overall well-being. By offering the flexibility to split the cost into monthly payments, these life-changing services become more affordable and convenient for your financial circumstances. Through our partnerships with multiple financing providers, we can provide payment plans that can cover either the full or a portion of the expenses for your dental implant procedure.

Financing and Payment Options are currently available

Investing in dental implants can significantly improve your overall well-being. Our flexible monthly payment options make these transformative services more affordable and convenient for your financial situation. With our partnerships with various financing providers, we can offer payment plans that cover either the entire cost or a portion of your dental implant procedure expenses.

FAQs are common Q&As

Timeline for the Snap-In Implant Dentures Procedure

On average, the process usually lasts for approximately 6 months from beginning to end.



After extracting all the remaining teeth and completing any necessary oral surgery, the implants are placed into the jawbone. Following this, the implants typically become invisible and will stay undisturbed in your jaw for at least 4 months. This period allows for the fusion of your bone with the implants, a process called osseointegration.


Post Op

We are excited to meet you for a short post-operative appointment, usually scheduled for the day after your procedure. At this visit, we will evaluate your mouth, ensure that your dentures fit well, and answer any questions you may have.


Soft Liners / Soft Re-Fittings

Soft liners are cushions that are used in your denture while you heal. They help fill in the gaps between your gums and dentures, providing cushioning for your gums. These liners improve the fit and comfort of your dentures.



This message explains a simple surgical procedure that involves uncovering implants and placing small healing abutments on them. The purpose of this procedure is to shape the gum tissue and prepare for the final step of attaching snap-in dentures.


Implants being attached to dentures

We will exchange your healing abutments for denture abutments and perform the required procedures to attach your dentures to your implants. Usually, this entire process can be finished in a day, although occasionally it might take a little longer.

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